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Welcome to Fluid Power Diaphragm Valves, where we specialize in manufacturing top-quality “straight-port” diaphragm valves. Established in 2021, our valves, available with Rubber or Polyurethane lining, come in sizes ranging from 50mm to 250mm. We’re your trusted partner for dependable fluid control solutions.

Diaphragm Valves

Fluid Power Diaphragm Valves manufactures dependable and 
top-quality “straight-port” diaphragm valves. Our diaphragms come with two options: Rubber or Polyurethane lining. Available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 250mm. Both variants undergo thorough pressure and leak testing, and are certified for operating up to 16
bar of pressure. The chemical properties of our diaphragm valves, whether rubber or polyurethane-lined, can be tailored to withstand the diverse range of process operations utilized by our customers.

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